ALU 2035

Aluminum entrance mats with carpet inserts – OBIAL3520

Aluminum entrance mats with carpet inserts are the perfect solution for high-traffic areas, trapping dirt, debris, and moisture before they enter your building. This helps to:

Reduce tracking: Minimize the amount of dirt and moisture tracked inside, saving on cleaning costs and keeping your interior floors looking their best.

Enhance safety: Aluminum mats provide excellent slip resistance, even when wet, promoting a safer entryway for employees and visitors.

Improve building aesthetics: Our mats come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement your building’s design, creating a clean and professional first impression.



Carpet / Rubber / Brush

Mat Depth:


Aluminum Extrusion Width:



◆ Recommended for high traffic entrance areas in commercial.

◆ The rubber hinge mats tend to roll up more easily for cleaning.

◆ The rubber end filler can easily trimmed with the sharp blade to make sure your mats fit well into its recess. And it also helps take up less space when the mats needs to be completely removed from the recess.

◆ Rubber hinge with drain holes allow the debris and moisture to flow into the mat.

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