Ceramic Light

Ceramic Light has pale grey tones with a mottled surface effect to mimic natural ceramic tiles. This versatile dark neutral product suits classic or contemporary spaces.


Modern yet stylish, the warm metallic tones of Bronze will bring together your contemporary space.

Mirus Henna

Sweeping vertical lines and a colour scheme of warm browns, aubergines and creams create a look that is both classic and contemporary.

Mirus Cotton

Refined stripes and a soft, stone colour palette, shot through with accents of blue, make this an ideal choice for creating calm and restful spaces.

Ridge Flint

An original, shuttered-concrete texture and cool-grey colour offers a natural yet polished finish.

Cirrus Shadow

Light and dark, sleek and cool, the sophisticated greys of this product capture movement and texture, whilst pearlescent streaks add intriguing depth and detail.

Chroma Gold

Sophisticated layers of burnt amber, rose gold and warm copper build a dramatic golden metallic terrain, alive with graphic detail, depth and movement.

Basilica Shell

The soft linear texture and beachy tones of Basilica Shell evoke close textured limestone and offer a naturalistic ceramic finish.

Geo Graphite

A palette of charcoal and pale grey puts an elegant spin on monochrome in this smart flooring.

Geo Ecru

Soft grey and warm cream combine to create a soft, inviting update to this traditional tile design.