TLLF 322-01


The ideal product where safe walking and extreme durability is needed.


Size [Width x Length] :


Thickness :

3mm / 3.2mm

Wear Layer :



SD Trans


Excellent Durability

It is a flooring specializing in commercial spaces with a large floating population. Excellent durability due to 0.8mm thick cover layer using composite rubber component. It is a high-strength surface product that can be used for more than 10 years even under high-load conditions.

Superb Anti-slip Function

It prevents slipping with deep embossing and excellent attraction force.

Low Chemical Resistance to Exposure to chemicals (SD Trans)

Even when exposed to chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and acetic acid, they have less chemical resistance.

Roll Type Easy to Install (SD Trans)

Roll sheet type is convenient for construction. Based on the unique flexibility of the rubber material, the sheet is not hardened, which is advantageous for construction even in winter.

Metallic Modern Design (SD Metal)

The metal pattern that gives a modern impression is impressive as if applying the iron plate to the floor. Deep embossing adds to the durability as well as the vivid patterning.

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