Hedsom Anti-static raised flooring

OBI Steel Raised Flooring

All-steel anti-static floor, the bottom plate is made of deep-stretched steel plate, the panel is made of hard SPCC steel plate, and the lower plate is stretched and the upper plate adopts advanced electric welding technology to make a high-quality shell. After the surface is phosphated, it is automatically sprayed and filled with specially formulated lightweight foamed cement. After curing, it forms a stable load-bearing structure with high strength and durability.


Size [Width x Length] :

500 x 500 mm


1. All-steel composition, high mechanical strength, strong load-bearing capacity, and good fire resistance; 

2. Surface electrostatic spray, soft light, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion; 

3. Adhesive decorative high-pressure laminate, excellent wear resistance and anti-static performance, anti-pollution, easy to clean, and strong decoration; 

4. High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly and convenient maintenance; 

5 , the product can be adjusted according to the bearing capacity and upgrade.


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